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Many people when they come to Tulcea county they come for Danube Delta tours.

In order to organise a tour you need to know what you are looking for or what do you expect to see. If it is for the first time and you just want to have a small taste of the area or if you are a keen fotographer and you wish to experiment a nice birdwatching tour.

From Tulcea there are companies, such as ours, that organise Danube Delta tours with both slow boats(classic boats) or by speedboats as you can see below:

A slow boat departing from Tulcea can do a tour up to the village Mila23 and back in 9-10 hours with a stop for lunch/small visit in the village. It will go slowly all the time and will not be able to cross lakes or to take you very close to the pelicans. If it is a river catamaran boat it has more chanses to get closer to the wildlife. The regular boat is more stable and more confortable than all boats. It can provide food on board! The catamaran is smaller and has less space, but can take you closer to pelicans, other birds and waterlilies. Both types of slowboats have toillet on board. A small taste of a slow boat tour here!

A speedboat can take you further inside the Danube Delta and enter more narrow channels. It has the option to stop very easily and stay in the same spot for more time. We have boat with 12 persons capacity or some with 16-18. There are agencies that organise the so called rush tours Tulcea – Mila23 – Letea and Sulina in the same time, some of them in 7-8 hours other in 9-10. We do not recommend it unless you just want to check-in that you have done a Danube Delta tour.

If you want to see the Danube Delta properly by speedboat we advise to choose a tour like 8-9 hours to the Village Mila23 and Letea Forest(the most northen subtropical forest in Europe) – here you have the chanse to see Wild Horses(the estimation is that there are like 2000 wild horses in the area of Letea Forest). The safari(regulary by car) will take you to see the old oak trees(400+ years old) and the dunes of sand(similar to the desert with a height of 7-10 meters). Here you can see one of tours from the perspective of two polish tourists.

Another popular tour is the one day tour to the Village Mila23 and Sulina – the end of the Danube Delta. Here you can where the Danube goes into the Black Sea, the Old Lighthouse, the New Lighthouse(the Landing Lighthouse), the semi wild Sulina Beach and the Sulina City. This is very nice in summer as we stop the boat in Sulina 300 meters close to the beach and you have time for a swim and a beer on the beach and also time to visit the city. We spend 2.5 – 3 hours in this area. THIS IS A MUST!

If you plan to stay 3 days in Tulcea to visit the Danube Delta we recommend to do first a tour by slow boat and then for two days the tours by speedboats to Letea and Sulina. These will be 3 days of relaxing, enjoying the nature, sunbathing and eating good food in local gueshouses.

Do not hesiatate to contact us at cipriansafca@yahoo.com or at Tel/Wts: +40730544444