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The Danube Delta, the largest and best-preserved river delta in Europe, represents a fascinating labyrinth of channels, lakes, and wetlands. Danube Delta trips by Safca Delta Tours, led by local experts Ciprian and Ionel Safca, offer you the opportunity to explore this natural wonder in a complete and responsible way. Each journey…

The Danube Delta, the largest and best-preserved river delta in Europe, represents a fascinating labyrinth of channels, lakes, and wetlands. Danube Delta tours by Safca Delta Tours, led by local experts Ciprian and Ionel Safca, offer you the opportunity to explore this natural wonder in a complete and responsible way.

Each journey is designed not just as a simple trip, but as a profound adventure that combines the discovery of impressive biodiversity with authentic interactions in local communities. Participants in our tours will understand why the Danube Delta is considered an ecological and cultural treasure, while enjoying landscapes of rare beauty and moments of tranquility in the wilderness.

Unique Experience of Danube Delta tours & trips

Safca Delta Tours customizes each trip to reflect the diversity and complexity of the Danube Delta. Our tours are designed to accommodate a variety of interests and levels of adventure, from birdwatching enthusiasts who can observe rare bird species in their natural habitat to adventurers eager to explore the delta’s secret channels with speedboats.


Each tour is guided by experts with deep knowledge of the area’s ecology and history, ensuring that you leave with a richer understanding and deeper appreciation for one of Europe’s most biodiverse regions. With Safca Delta Tours, every moment of the trip is an opportunity for learning and discovery, whether it’s spotting a flock of pelicans or tasting local specialties prepared by fishing communities.

This detailed approach highlights Safca Delta Tours’ commitment to providing memorable and educational experiences, attracting both international and local tourists to the natural and cultural wonders of the Danube Delta.


Danube Delta trips & tours with slow boats

4-Hour Route – Danube Delta Trip: A short journey, perfect for those who want to experience the Danube Delta without spending the entire day on the water. This four-hour route starts from Tulcea, navigating through Tulcea Branch and Mila36 Channel, passing by the idyllic Cotete and Purcelu Lakes, up to the Trofilca Lake area. An ideal trip for admiring picturesque landscapes and observing the tranquility of the surrounding nature. Perfect for families or small groups looking for an introduction to the beauty of the Danube Delta.
Prices: 125 RON per person (minimum 4 persons).

6-Hour Route – Danube Delta Trip: This six-hour excursion offers a deeper exploration of the Delta, with passages through Sireasa and Sontea Channels. The route includes areas like Mester Lake and Scaunele, perfect for observing the diverse fauna and flora. Visitors can admire the natural beauty and take relaxing breaks in picturesque areas like Pintilie Lake. An excellent route for those looking to immerse themselves in the peace and splendor of the natural Delta.
Prices: 175 RON per person (minimum 5 persons).

8-Hour Route – Danube Delta Trip: A complete one-day excursion that combines navigating through the Delta channels with stops for traditional fish meals. Visitors will be able to explore from Mester Lake area to Nebunu Lake, enjoying options for relaxation or wildlife observation. This route offers a rich experience with ample time to soak in the beauty of the Delta and delight in the local dishes, in an exceptional natural setting.
Prices: 200 RON per person.

9-10 Hour Route – Danube Delta Trip: The longest route offered, this excursion is designed for those passionate about the Danube Delta, eager to explore its diverse ecosystem in depth. From Mila23 to points of interest like Caraorman Forest, visitors will enjoy a land safari, exploring the unique fauna and flora. This route also includes traditional meals at agritourism pensions, providing an authentic and captivating Delta experience.
Prices: 225 RON per person.



Danube Delta trips & tours with speed boats

1h 30m – 2h Route – Danube Delta Trips: This short and fast trip is ideal for those who want to feel the pulse of the Danube Delta in a compact time frame. Departing from Tulcea, crossing the Tulcea Branch and Mila36 Channel, with visits to the areas around Cotete and Purcelu Lakes, up to Trofilca Lake area. Perfect for those with limited time.
Prices: 125 RON per person – 30 Euro – minimum 4 persons.

2h 30m – 3h Route – Danube Delta Trips: A medium-length excursion that offers a deeper immersion into the Delta’s landscapes. The route starts in Tulcea and includes navigation on Mila36 and Sireasa Channels, penetrating into the heart of the Delta through Sontea Channel and exploring areas like Mester Lake and Scaunele.
Prices: 150 RON per person – 35 Euro – minimum 4 persons.

4-5h Route – MILA 23: An extended route to the picturesque village of Mila 23, combining exploration of Sireasa and Sontea Channels with stops in areas like Mester Lake and Cot Candura. The stop at Mila 23 includes a traditional fish meal, offering an authentic cultural experience.
Prices: 200 RON per person – 45 Euro – minimum 5 persons.

7-8h Route – MILA 23 and SULINA: This long route connects Mila 23 with Sulina, allowing extensive exploration of the Delta, including Musura Bay and the observation of the Danube’s estuary into the Black Sea. An ideal trip for those looking to combine nature with cultural and historical aspects.
Prices: 275 RON per person – 60 Euro – minimum 6 persons.

8-9h Route – MILA 23 and LETEA FOREST: A complex route that adds the exploration of Letea Forest to the experiences in Mila 23. Including a land safari through one of Romania’s oldest forests, this route is ideal for those passionate about nature and adventure.
Prices: 275 RON per person – 60 Euro – minimum 6 persons.

8-9h Route – MILA 23 and LETEA FOREST – LOW WATER LEVEL: Similar to the standard route to Mila 23 and Letea Forest, this variant is adapted to low water conditions, offering route adjustments for optimized access and safety.
Prices: 275 RON per person – 60 Euro – minimum 6 persons.

7-8h Route – Village of Chilia Veche – Village of Mila 23: A route that explores two of the most representative villages in the Danube Delta. Visitors can experience the local traditions and unique landscapes of each village, with the opportunity to enjoy a traditional fish meal.
Prices: 275 RON per person – 60 Euro – minimum 6 persons.

8-9h Route with Speed Boats to Caraorman: This route offers a fast-paced and adrenaline-filled excursion through the main channels of the Delta to Caraorman. Including a safari in Caraorman Forest, this route is perfect for adventurers who want to combine speed with nature exploration.
Prices: 275 RON per person – 60 Euro – minimum 6 persons.

Each route is designed to offer a unique and memorable experience in the Danube Delta, showcasing the natural beauty and local culture of this unique region.


What to pack for a trip to the Danube Delta

Proper preparation is essential to fully enjoy any nature trip, and the Danube Delta is no exception. Your packing list for the Danube Delta should include appropriate sun protection equipment, including wide-brimmed hats and sunscreen, to protect you from the strong sun. It is also recommended to carry waterproof clothing and comfortable footwear suitable for walking on wet or marshy terrain.

For wildlife observation, binoculars are an indispensable tool. They will allow you to observe birds and animals from a distance without disturbing them. Also, do not forget your camera to capture the stunning landscapes and unique moments. Additionally, for your safety, include a first aid kit and a water purification device in your backpack, which are essential in unforeseen situations.


Culture and traditions of the Danube Delta: Connecting with local life


Danube Delta trips traditional food

The Danube Delta is not just a natural sanctuary but also a place where local culture and traditions are deeply rooted in the lifestyle of the fishing communities. Visiting the Delta offers the rare chance to see how traditions are passed down from generation to generation, including traditional fishing, preparation of local culinary specialties, and the vibrant folklore of the communities. The Delta’s cuisine, with delicacies such as fish soup and Dobrogean pies, reflects the biological diversity of the region and the abundance of fresh fish.

traditional food danube delta
traditional food danube delta


This cultural interaction provides tourists with an authentic and profound perspective on life in the Danube Delta, going beyond merely observing the landscapes and wildlife to include a true human connection with the inhabitants of the area.


Conservation of the Danube Delta: The role of responsible tourism

The role of tourism in the conservation of the Danube Delta is crucial. Through responsible tourism, visitors not only enjoy the natural beauties of the Delta but also contribute to the efforts to protect and conserve this unique ecosystem. Ecotourism and sustainable tourism programs help fund the conservation of natural habitats and create economic opportunities for local communities who are directly dependent on the health of the environment.

It is essential for tourists to be aware of their impact and to follow practices that minimize disturbance to the natural environment, such as adhering to established trails, reducing waste, and participating in guided tours that adhere to strict ecological principles.

Explore the Danube Delta with SAFCA Delta Tours

To ensure you experience the most complete and authentic adventure in the Danube Delta, choose SAFCA Delta Tours, your local expert in memorable excursions. Planning your trip with SAFCA Delta Tours guarantees not only access to the most beautiful and secluded corners of the Delta but also a deep dive into the culture and traditions of the area, with a strong focus on responsible tourism and nature conservation.

Contact us (here) to customize your trip and to find out the best times to visit, so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience that respects the environment and is deeply enriching. With SAFCA Delta Tours, every detail is carefully planned for your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring you leave with memories that will last a lifetime. Book now and prepare to explore the natural and cultural splendor of the Danube Delta!